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How to Choose the Best Luxilon Strings for Your Game

If you're a serious tennis player, you know that the right strings can make all the difference in your game. Luxilon strings are a popular choice among players for their durability and performance. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right Luxilon strings for your playing style. This guide from Racquet Point will help you navigate the selection process and find the perfect strings for your game.


Understand the Different Types of Luxilon Strings

Before you can choose the best Luxilon strings for your game, it's important to understand the different types available. Luxilon offers a range of strings with varying levels of stiffness, power, and spin potential. The most popular Luxilon strings include the following:

  • Luxilon Alu Power: This is one of the most popular Luxilon strings, used by many professional players. It is a co-polyester string designed for power, control, and durability. It has a stiff feel and is suitable for aggressive baseline players who hit with a lot of spin and power.
  • Luxilon Alu Power ROUGH: This string that offers excellent control and spin potential. It features a rough surface texture that provides additional grip on the ball, allowing players to generate more spin and control.
  • Luxilon 4G: This string is designed for durability and control. It has a softer feel than the Alu Power but is still a relatively stiff string. It is suitable for players who want a balance of power, control, and durability.
  • Luxilon 4G Soft: This is a softer version of the 4G string, providing more comfort and feel. It is still a durable string with good control, making it a good choice for intermediate to advanced players.
  • Luxilon Savage: This is a string designed for spin. It has a textured surface that helps grip the ball, allowing players to generate more spin. It has a softer feel than the Alu Power but is still durable.
  • Luxilon Natural Gut is a premium grade tennis string made from natural cow gut fibers. It offers excellent power, comfort, and feel, making it a popular choice among professional tennis players and serious recreational players.


Luxilon strings available at Racquet Point

Consider Your Playing Style and Needs

When choosing a tennis string, it is important to consider your playing style and needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Power vs. control: Do you want more power or more control from your string? Power-oriented strings like Luxilon Alu Power and Luxilon 4G provide more pop and depth to your shots, but may sacrifice some control. Control-oriented strings like Luxilon Element and Luxilon Adrenaline provide more precision and accuracy, but may sacrifice some power.
  2. Spin: Do you hit with a lot of spin? If so, you may want to consider a string like Luxilon Savage, which has a textured surface that helps grip the ball, allowing you to generate more spin.
  3. Comfort: Do you have any arm or shoulder issues? If so, you may want to consider a softer string like Luxilon Natural Gut, which can help reduce impact shock and provide more comfort.
  4. Durability: Do you break strings frequently? If so, you may want to consider a more durable string like Luxilon 4G or Luxilon Alu Power, which are known for their longevity.
  5. Tension: Do you prefer a tighter or looser string bed? Tighter tension provides more control, while looser tension provides more power. Keep in mind that Luxilon strings typically have a recommended tension range, so be sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines.
  6. Playing style: Consider your playing style when selecting a string. If you are an aggressive baseline player, you may want a string with more power and durability like Luxilon Alu Power. If you are a finesse player, you may want a string with more control and feel like Luxilon Element.

Overall, it is important to find a string that complements your playing style and meets your individual needs. Experimenting with different types of Luxilon strings can help you find the right match for your game.

Determine Your Tension Preferences

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best Luxilon strings for your game is your tension preferences. Tension refers to the tightness of the strings, and it can have a significant impact on your game. Higher tension can provide more control and precision, while lower tension can offer more power and comfort. It's important to experiment with different tensions to find the one that works best for you. Keep in mind that the tension can also vary depending on the type of Luxilon string you choose, so be sure to read the product descriptions carefully.

Experiment with Hybrid Stringing

When experimenting with hybrid stringing, try different combinations of Luxilon strings to find the right balance of power, control, durability, and comfort for your game. You may want to start with a more popular combination, such as using Luxilon Alu Power in the mains and Luxilon Element in the crosses, and then adjust as needed based on your preferences and playing style.

It's also important to note that hybrid stringing can affect the playability of your racquet, so be sure to consult a stringing professional or follow manufacturer guidelines when experimenting with different string setups.

Consult with a Professional Stringer

Consulting with a professional stringer can be a valuable step in finding the best Luxilon string setup for your game. A professional stringer can offer expert advice on string type, tension, and hybrid stringing options based on your playing style, needs, and preferences.

Here are some benefits of consulting with a professional stringer:

1. Expert advice: A professional stringer has experience working with a variety of strings and can offer expert advice on which Luxilon strings are best suited for your game.

2. Customization: A professional stringer can also help you customize your string setup based on your playing style and needs. They can suggest tension options and hybrid stringing options that can help improve your performance on the court.

3. Quality stringing: A professional stringer can ensure that your Luxilon strings are installed properly and at the correct tension, which can help maximize their playability and durability.

When choosing a professional stringer, look for someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about Luxilon strings and has a reputation for quality work.

At Racquet Point, we have been providing professional stringing services to both our local and online customers for over 11 years. Our online ordering system allows you to order your racquet stringing services with ease and choose from the best strings available for your racquets. If you are unsure about which string setup is the best for your racquet, you can always contact us and our experts will be more than happy to guide you in choosing the right setup.

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