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A Tennis Racquet Designed for Women , the Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo

Tecnifibre has designed a tennis racquet exclusively for female players. With the new TEMPO, Tecnifibre has revolutionized the world of Tennis.
Laurent Blary, Products Manager at Tecnifibre explains to us in detail:

"It is all based on a simple fact : today, women, who account for 30% of the worldwide tennis population (50% in some markets), play with rackets designed for men. And everyone finds this normal.

If you think about it, it isn’t normal at all ! In other sports , such as golf or ski, material specifically adapted to the physiology of the player has been around for decades.

To put a stop to this inconsistency, we decided to develop this new TEMPO range."

How is the TEMPO adapted to Women:

Tecnifibre worked on the structure of the racket first, rather than the cosmetics. TEMPO takes into consideration the morphology (body shape) of the female player in order to propose the right, adapted material, which translates into a racquet that is shorter, for more manoueverability, with a similar weight and better balance to keep the power element.

When WTA Tour player Daria switched to the Tecnifibre Tempo Rebound racquet a change in her career results appeared:

  • ¼ finals at the Olympics at 18 years old
  • Winner at Charleston, her first WTA title, at 19
  • 1st victory on a ranked #1 in the world (Kerber) at 19
  • 1st final in a Premier Mandatory Event (Indian Wells) at 20
  • She has also beaten all the 2017/2018 Grand Slam winners on the Tour, showing her ability to level up her game in tough matches

Try the demo Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo Racquet available at Racquet Point and notice the difference in your game!

Enjoy this video!

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