Why You're Never Too Old or Young to Pick Up a Racquet

Why You're Never Too Old or Young to Pick Up a Racquet

You're never too old or young to challenge someone during a game of tennis because the rules and fitness requirements are practical. In order to prepare for a match, you'll need to follow a few simple steps.

Getting in Shape

Tennis matches involve fast-paced plays and powerful shots, so you'll need to prepare by toning key muscle groups. For seniors, squatting is a great way to boost leg strength and speed. During the early phases, squats can be done without weights. Then, when reps become easier, weights can be used to make the drills more challenging. Younger individuals can boost their speed by running while stepping in tires. These drills should be timed in order to monitor daily progress.

Endurance is needed during short and long tennis matches. Teens, grown-ups, and seniors can boost endurance before a game by running or jogging. Typically, exercise for children often takes the form of games and playing. As a result, the best endurance activities for hyper kids are tag and duck, duck, goose.

Getting Equipped

Apps for tennis players provide strategic benefits before matches. The training apps mainly focus on skills and fitness. If you want to enhance your shots, invest in an app that tracks and hones your swings. As you learn how to swing, you'll burn energy, and this is why you'll need a great fitness app that monitors heart rates as well. Be careful of workout apps and tech gear, as most apps and tech aren't designed with seniors in mind.

Learn and Practice

During the first phase, you'll need to learn all aspects of tennis matches, and you can accomplish this by attending tennis events that involve seasoned players. Throughout the game, study the players as they sprint and complete offensive and defensive plays. Also, pay attention to each player’s serving style as you may be able to apply certain moves to your own serve.

After you've learned the basics of a competitive game, visit a tennis training facility and start a training routine. Most training centers have machines that launch balls so that players can practice their swings. If a center is large, it will have options for kids, teens, grown-ups, and seniors.

Because tennis is a fun, exciting sport, everyone should set aside time to play a game on a court. Age doesn't impact a tennis match since players can make adjustments to accommodate skill levels. If you want to challenge yourself during every match, you'll need to train in advance while using proper equipment.
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