Selkirk Attaktix Premium Leather Palm Coolsking Upper Pickleball Glove

by Selkirk
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$ 29.99
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Introducing Selkirk's Premium Leather Glove! The FLEXX-FIT compression technology ensures that Selkirk's Attaktix gloves fit like a second skin. Keeping your grip dry and secure, these gloves will elevate your game to its highest level. The premium leather offers an extreme grip that improves during use for total control on the court. FLEXX-FIT technology ensures that the glove follows the contours of your hand for a natural fit. These gloves are in perfect shape the minute you start wearing them and ensure you can play your best pickleball the moment you start playing. The high breathability of the Tricot Perforated Coolskin fabric upper adds comfort and a better feel to keep you cool on the court no matter what.

  • FLEXX-FIT technology
  • Premium Leather
  • Second Skin
  • Breathable Coolskin
  • Instant-Fit
  • One Size Fits Most

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