Adidas Padel Supernova Control 1.9 Paddle

by Adidas
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The Supernova CTRL 1.9 is ideal for the intermediate or advanced player who wants decent power without having to sacrifice control. With a weight range from 360-375 grams, this racquet is stable enough for high-level play. It's also quite comfortable thanks to its flexible Alutex surface and Sweetspot Center Technology. The Supernova CTRL 1.9 comes with a neutral balance, which provides an optimal blend of power and control. Additional features include Smart Holes, which optimizes the hole density for better playability and stroke efficiency. Finally, the EVA Soft Energy rubber helps with both power and comfort. Ultimately, the Supernova CTRL 1.9 is ideal for the player who wants a stable racquet that delivers great control in high-pressure situations.

  • Colors:  Blue/Black/Orange
  • Length:  17.9"
  • Beam_Width:  38mm
  • Weight_Strung:  360-375g
  • Sport:  Padel
  • Racquet/Player_Type:  Intermediate-Advanced/Professional
  • Headsize:  Round Head Shape
  • Composition/Construction:  EVA Soft Energy Rubber, 100% Carbon Braided Frame, Soft EVA Core, Alutex Surface Fiber
  • Holes:  55
  • Balance:  26.5cm - Even
  • Frame_Technology:  Smart Holes, Structural Reinforcement, Sweetspot Center, Protector Tape 3m

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