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Babolat Evo Court L Tennis Bag

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    Enhance your tennis game with the Babolat Evo Court L tennis bag, your ultimate court-side companion. This versatile bag, ideal for training, competitive matches, or leisurely games, effortlessly accommodates up to 6 racquets along with other essentials. With its two main compartments and four accessory pockets, the Babolat tennis bag provides organized storage, while dual shoulder straps assure easy carrying.

    The Babolat Evo Court L tennis bag is the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and sustainability. This eco-friendly bag not only elevates your game but also contributes to a healthier planet. Choose the Babolat Evo Court L tennis bag and embrace a superior tennis experience coupled with environmental responsibility.

    Babolat Evo Court L Tennis Bag Features:

    • Versatile Use: Perfect for training sessions, matches, or casual games.
    • Large Capacity: Holds up to 6 racquets and has additional compartments for other essentials.
    • Organized Storage: Features two main compartments and four accessory pockets for easy organization and quick access.
    • Comfortable Carrying: Comes with two shoulder straps for flexible and easy carrying.
    • Stylish Design: Offers a timeless, understated style statement.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Made from 100% recycled PET, promoting sustainability.
    • Durable Material: The Babolat tennis bag features robust and tough material ensures long-term use.
    • Water Conservation: Color-free lining also made from 100% recycled PET reduces water usage in production.
    • Eco-Conscious Choice: Choosing this bag contributes to environmental sustainability.
    • Racket Capacity: Can accommodate up to 6 tennis rackets.
    • Overall Capacity: Offers a generous 47 liters of storage space.
    • Dimensions: The bag measures 75 x 24.5 x 32 cm or 29.5 x 9.5 x 12.5 in, providing ample room for all your gear.
    • Number of Handles: Equipped with 2 handles for easy handling.
    • Number of Straps: Comes with 2 shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
    • Composition: Made from 100% recycled polyester RPET, it's eco-friendly and durable.
    Babolat Evo Court L Tennis Bag
    Babolat Evo Court L Tennis Bag
    Babolat Evo Court L Tennis Bag