BabolatJet Mach I All Court Men's Tennis Shoe - Silver/Fluo Strike

by Babolat
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The new Babolat Jet Mach I Tennis shoe provides great foot support with it's one-piece upper made with Kevlar and Polyamide fiber woven into targeted zones. Memory-shaped Ortholite insole and Kompressor system provides shock absorption for an instant, responsive comfort. Active FLEXION outsole technology addresses 9 key pressure points, providing optimum agility, precision, and speed, from the baseline to the net.

  • Upper: MatrYXSL unique one-piece upper made with Kevlar and Polymide fiber.
  • Insole: Ortholite insole.
  • Midsole: Active FLEXION sole technology for maximum responsiveness.
  • Outsole: Michelin outsole: the exclusive S pattern outsole allowing for quick changes of direction while providing excellent traction and durability.
  • Sport: Tennis

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