Defeet Kruzer Men's Crew Tennis Socks Grey/Yellow

by DeFeet
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There was a time when tennis shoes didn't fit very well. Players compensated by wearing extra thick socks. Today, tennis shoes have high-performance, ergonomic fit profiles. Defeet makes tennis socks for today's high-level game. These socks wick like mad and stay incredibly soft. The special, lower-bulk and super-dense padding through the foot cushions your game and fits perfectly into modern tennis shoes. DeFeet construction blends in the high-tech, most durable fibers to make these socks last much longer than our opponents. The Kruzer adds the unexpected to your game. The results are tangible. More comfort keeps your feet moving fast. Happy feet help keep the rest of your body moving well, which keeps your head in the right place. Great tennis starts from the ground up. Take better care of that connection with the Kruzer tennis sock.

  • Color(s): Grey/Yellow
  • Material/Fabric: 57% Coolmax, 41% Nylon, 2% Lycra
  • Sizes Available: L/XL=Men's shoe size 12+ , Women's shoe size 11-3
  • Length: 8"
  • 1 pair per pack

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