Dunlop Inferno Graphite Soft 2.0 Padel/Pop Tennis Racquet Paddle

by Dunlop
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The Dunlop Inferno Graphite 2.0 Padel Racquet is ideal for advanced level players who are looking for versatility. The Power Channel and the Tri Max technologies, along with the heavy weight (roughly 368g) will bring you a great deal of control and power. The Teardrop shape will provide extra versatility in order to enable you to adapt to all situations. Features an oversize hybrid head shape with a 38mm profile and the revolutionary Power Flex core for maximum power. Construction reinforced with an ultra-fine layer of premium graphite for a superior response. For advanced & intensive players. Exceptional combination of power, control, comfort and durability.

Weights may vary slightly due to production.


  • Weight: 360-375 grams
  • Balance: High
  • Thickness: 38mm
  • Composition: Graphite & Anatomic Construction, Power Flex Core, 12K Carbon Fiber Paddle Face

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