E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet

by E-Force
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One of E-Force’s best selling frames and originally selling for $220, the Bedlam 170 Lite was E-Force’s top of the line performance racquet and a leader in tournament play.  The original technologies include 22” LongString for ripping power as well as Total Carbon Head and Tri Carbon for light weight, frame stiffness and additional power transmission directly to the ball. 

Since its introduction, E-Force has upgraded the Bedlam 170 Lite by adding exclusive technologies including Zero Richter Tubes X2 and Booster tubes for vibration damping and solid stringbed.  Also added, are Launch Pad Technology for even more power and By Pass Stringing System for better hitting characteristics and longer string life.

The frame is constructed of high quality, light weight and stiff graphite for power and maneuverability.

The Bedlam 170 Lite is a racquet for every player, playing level and style of play.

Now at $99.95, the original Bedlam Lite 170g retailed for $220.00!
Bedlam 170 Lite* - $99.95    Original Retail - $220.00.    

*Since its introduction, the following technologies have been added to the Bedlam 170 Lite:
Zero Richter Tubes X2
Power Boosters
Launch Pad Technology
By Pass Stringing System



  • Length: 22"
  • Weight Unstrung: 170G
  • Head Size: 107 sq inch
  • Color(s): Black/Red/Orange
  • Composition/Construction: Total Carbon Head and Tri Carbon graphite
  • String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 14 x 18
  • Recommended String Tension: 28-32 lbs.
  • Grommet Technology: Zero Richter Tubes X2, Bypass Stringing System, G2 Power Boosters, 22" Longstring, Extreme Longstring
  • Frame Technology: Launch Pad, F.A.T Zones, Dual Cylinder, Hi-Compression Wing, Extended Durability
  • Handle Technology: Powerhouse Shaft
  • Factory String: E-Force Platinum 17 gauge

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