E-Force Weapon Racquetball Glove

by E-Force
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The E-Force Weapon Racquetball Glove is made from the finest materials, the Weapon’s Moisture Barrier System combines .6mm Cabretta Sheepskin, Air-Flo spandex open-mesh back, set in thumb and Stay Soft leather treatment.  The palm stays dry longer, the glove maintains its shape, finger movement is enhanced and touch improved.
  • Air-Flow open mesh spandex back and fingers provide exceptionally comfortable fit, vents heat & moisture – keeping hands cool and dry.
  • Full leather ring and little finger coverage for extra protection
  • Stay Soft tanning process maintains softness, improves finger movement and keeps glove dry longer.
  • Leather panels cover three sides of fingers for increased durability
  • Set-in thumb provides comfortable fell and extra freedom of movement
  • Extra large closure for customized fit and proper tensioning of palm.
  • .6 mm Cabretta sheepskin hold shape, if more durable and provides better touch.

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