Gearbox GB-125 Racquetball Racquet - Grip 3 5/8"

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Gearbox GB-125 Racquetball Racquet - Grip 3 5/8"

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The Gearbox GB 125 Racquetball Racquet is the Ultimate Club Racquet, light weight at only 170 grams, the preferred weight of the professional player. The GB 125 is made with premium construction and the best materials. This racquet is truly the best in its category giving you Power, Control and Maneuverability every time you play!


Head Size: 106 sq. in
Length: 22″
Weight Unstrung: 170 grams
Weight Strung: 187 grams
String: Gearbox 17g Monofilament String
TECHNOLOGY: Best construction of any frame in its category: High graphite content maximizes stiffness to give you a powerful, durable racquet.
Hybrid Frame Design (Quadra/Tear)
Grip Size: 3 5/8"