Turquoise Typhoon 2.1 Beach Tennis Paddle Racquet

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Turquoise Typhoon 2.1 Beach Tennis Paddle Racquet

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Further improved, the Typhoon 2.1 has been specially designed to accommodate two different construction solutions, carbon and kevlar, to further improve the power and precision of the shots. The carbon fiber positioned in the heart guarantees the least torsion and flexibility of the frame at the moment of impact of the ball, giving precision to the shots. The kevlar fiber on the other hand, slightly softer, positioned on the surface of the plate at the moment of impact releases a greater speed to the ball.
This mix provides the Typhoon 2.1 with the winning solution, with an increase in power and precision. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive GEL SHOCK® system, the athlete's arm will not suffer trauma and will tire less. A highly professional frame suitable to satisfy the most demanding players.


* Length: 19.7" / 50 cm.
* Max. Head width: 9" / 22.90 cm.
* Profile: 0.79" / 20 mm
* Weight: 12.35 oz / 350 + - 5 gr.
* Composition: Carbon Kevlar / Responsive Flexible Foam
* Grip Size: 4 1/4"
* Color: Red / Yellow / White / Gold