Why in the world would I go with GAMMA multifilament?

You have your tennis racquet, but now you need string, right? With all the varieties out there for tennis players to choose from, it’s no wonder you want a little bit more insight into multifilament strings! Let’s start with the basics – what makes a multifilament string a multifilament string? The core is comprised of multiple filaments of all different diameters,...

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Feetures Socks

Racquet Point wants to share with you a product that has been recently introduced to our catalog..... the Feetures Socks! The Feetures Socks are one of the most technically advanced socks in the market. Their technology provide targeted support where it’s needed most. As a result of this enhanced fit, the foot and sock become one. Feetures Socks are excellent for the Tennis Players and many...

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