Notice to the General Public

It has come to the attention of RACQUET POINT that impostors, fraudulent individuals, and organizations are impersonating themselves as RACQUET POINT to scam online buyers at a fradulent website with a domain name "racquetpoints." Note that the fraudulent website has an "s" at the end of the URL.

Therefore, we firmly denounce this fraudulent and unscrupulous impersonation, and as a result, we alert the general public to this urgent situation.

RACQUET POINT is a trademark owned by TOP TENNIS AMERICA, LLC, and is protected by U.S. laws. Impersonators, scammers, and criminals abusing the RACQUET POINT brand and rights will be denounced to the proper authorities and prosecuted accordingly.

Our official website is https://www.racquetpoint.com, and you can contact us by sending an email to info@racquetpoint.com