About us


At RACQUET POINT we offer not only the best brands...we also share your passion. We are a goal-oriented family who loves racquet sports. We also know just what you are looking for.

Our online store began as a dream that became one of the most original, practical, friendly and complete websites devoted to serving sports passionate people like you. We know what kinds of products you require and will help you find exactly what you want; we know first-hand what you need. We are a family whose life revolves around racquet sports. We are coaches, players and entrepreneurs.

Our ample experience is summarized in our store. You'll receive the experience and know-how that only racquet players can offer. RACQUET POINT is more than simply a business; it is the reflection of a dream come true. Everyone in our family is involved with racquet sports and our stores, and we are eager to share our experience as consumers as well a passionate players. We offer the best brands and even specialized stringing services. We know what you're looking for and give you the kind of service you deserve. Our experience is your gain. We can give you good, sound advice since we've used and tested personally and professionally the equipment you are looking for. RACQUET POINT is the result of our dream, our passion, our experience....it is a one-of-a-kind store. We share YOUR passion and offer you the best equipment to be had. Thanks for choosing us. You're among friends!