5 Best Babolat Tennis Strings

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Babolat tennis strings are made from high-quality materials that provide excellent performance for all types of players. They also come in many different materials, gauges, and colors, making them easy to choose from.

The Babolat story begins in 1875 with a family business. Today, many players on the tour prefer their brand of strings.

Babolat RPM BLAST - $18.95

Babolat's RPM Blast string is designed with an innovative advanced technology that provides more power and spin than other strings. It has a unique construction of polyester monofilament that gives it extra durability, flexibility, and maximum spin. This string is ideal for tennis players who need a powerful, ultrafast response without sacrificing control. The Babolat RPM Blast is the preferred string of 22 Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal.

Babolat RPM POWER - $17.95

Babolat's RPM Power is a high-performance string made specifically for  players that are looking for the best comfort, power and outstanding level of top spin in a polyester string. It features a special composition of co-polymer monofilament polyester that provides exceptional power, control and feel. This string is ideal when you need a powerful game without sacrificing control for intermediate to high-level players. The Babolat RPM Power is the string of choice of ATP player Dominic Thiem.

Babolat RPM Hurricane - $12.95

Babolat's Hurricane line is designed for advanced level players who demand more control than other strings. This polyester string provides excellent spin, control, and durability. The Babolat RPM Hurricane is ideal for baseline hitters who like to hit with power.

Babolat Xcel - $20.95

Babolat's Xcel string is made with highly technical polyamide fibers  exceptional comfort and feel. Babolat Xcel string is ideal for both beginners, intermediate and advanced players that are looking for an ultra-comfortable multifilament string.

Babolat Addixion - $12.95

Babolat's Addixion string is designed for intermediate level players who need a comfortable crisp feel combining power and durability. It features polytetrafluorethylene fibers with polyurethane to prolong the life of the string. The Babolat Addixion is an affordable string that feels good on your racquet!

Take a look at the full line of Babolat tennis strings here!

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