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A tip for a better serve in tennis...let's keep it simple

Practice makes perfect, right? Well, does it really? that would depend if you have been practicing the right way. You have been practicing your serve many times and you don't get the results that you want so now you have been wondering what is wrong and why your serve lacks consistency even after tremendous hours of practice. Sometimes you're able to hit a great serve but then then ball goes everywhere on the court, you hit the serve out of the service lines, the ball hits the net, there's no strength on your serve and you are starting to get frustrated, please don't.

There are many aspects that would need to be considered to be able to have a great consistent service, like the position of your feet, the pronation of your hips, the way you hold the racquet grip, the strength on your legs, abdomen, back, arm, wrist, etc. Sounds like a lot, but let's forget for a moment about all these technical aspects of the serve and let's keep it simple. For now just focus on one simple thing that may improve your serve tremendously: the ball toss, that's right, the ball toss. Make sure you focus on your ball toss so that it is always in the same place. Extending your arm completely will help you getting the ball toss in the same place. Practice this, and after you have dominated your toss then you can dig into more aspects that are also important for the serve.

Enjoy your practice!

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