PTPA professional tennis player Hubert Hurcacz

Hubert Hurkacz Opens Up About Life on Tour and Tennis Challenges

Professional tennis player Hubert Hurkacz recently sat down with the Professional Tennis Players Association to share insights into his life on the tennis tour. From the rigors of the tennis calendar to the challenges of equipment standardization, Hurkacz provides a unique perspective on the world of professional tennis.

The Rigors of the Tennis Calendar

The life of a professional tennis player is not just about playing matches. It involves extensive travel, training, and adapting to different environments. Hurkacz emphasized the challenges of transitioning between tournaments, especially when they span different continents. The need to adjust to different time zones, climates, and court surfaces can be demanding, both physically and mentally.

Standardizing Tennis Equipment

Every tournament can have its own choice of tennis balls, leading to inconsistencies in play. Hurkacz stressed the importance of having a standardized ball across tournaments. This not only ensures consistency in the game but also reduces the risk of injuries that can arise from adapting to different ball types in quick succession.

Advocacy and the Role of PTPA

The Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA) plays a crucial role in representing players and ensuring their rights are protected. Hurkacz, being an active supporter, believes that organizations like PTPA are essential in bridging the gap between players and tournament organizers, ensuring that both parties can work harmoniously for the betterment of the sport.

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Challenges with Anti-Doping Measures

While the integrity of the sport is paramount, there are instances where players face challenges with anti-doping measures. Hurkacz highlighted the need for a more transparent and fair system, ensuring that players who are falsely accused have a clear path to vindication.

Passion Beyond Tennis: Formula 1

Outside the tennis court, Hurkacz is an ardent fan of Formula 1 racing. He shared his aspirations to attend live races and expressed admiration for racers, particularly Charles Leclerc. For Hurkacz, the thrill of F1 racing is a refreshing change from the tennis court, showcasing his diverse interests.


Hubert Hurkacz's candid conversation offers a deep dive into the life of a professional tennis player. From the challenges they face on and off the court to their passions outside the sport, it's a testament to the dedication and resilience required to excel in the world of professional sports.

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