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Why in the world would I go with GAMMA multifilament?

You have your tennis racquet, but now you need string, right? With all the varieties out there for tennis players to choose from, it’s no wonder you want a little bit more insight into multifilament strings!
Let’s start with the basics – what makes a multifilament string a multifilament string?

  • The core is comprised of multiple filaments of all different diameters, which are woven together in the string. This creates a softer and more flexible playability, adds more resiliency and takes more absorption from a tennis ball.

  • The GAMMA multifilament strings are also created using Live Wire Technology, where the advanced multifilament constructions are combined with GAMMA’s exclusive irradiation process to maximize the resiliency of strings. This also results in more energy return to the ball and greater touch for the player.

Now, let’s visit the benefits of using a multifilament string and when you should think about using it. Have you noticed any arm problems lately? By using the softer, more flexible multifilament string, you could take some of the stress and weight off that arm and notice an increase in your tennis game, too. You may also want to switch to a multifilament string if you are looking for more energy return to the ball, greater touch, a more comfortable feel and more power and pop to your game. Want to use it as a cross-string? That’s a great idea…so great that the professionals do it, too! It’s most commonly used as a hybrid with the Poly Main!
Now we have a fun fact for you: Did you know that multifilament strings are most similar to natural gut? GAMMA manufactures a multifilament synthetic string that mimics the play of a natural gut perfectly, so you won’t even notice the difference! Want to experience the multifilament string for yourself? The Live Wire line (Live Wire Professional, Live Wire Professional Spin, Live Wire, Live Wire XP and Ocho XP), the new GAMMA Gut and our Solace strings are all part of the multifilament family, so pick yours up today!

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