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Wang Qiang

Curious about the equipment behind Wang Qiang's remarkable tennis prowess? Look no further than Racquet Point, where you can explore the exact gear that fuels her game. From her trusted racquet to their preferred strings and tennis bag, discover the elements that contribute to Wang Qiang's stellar performances.

At the core of Wang Qiang's success lies her chosen racquet, a meticulously selected piece of equipment pivotal to her game. Find this very racquet at Racquet Point, enabling you to step onto the court with the same tool that empowers Wang Qiang's dominance.

Strings wield a significant influence on a player's performance, affecting control, spin, and power. Delve into Wang Qiang's favored strings, offering a level of precision and power that could elevate your own game. By selecting Wang Qiang's tennis gear at Racquet Point, it's more than just acquiring equipment—it's forging a link to a player synonymous with excellence on the tennis court. Embrace her style, precision, and determination with the very gear she relies on for her unparalleled performances.

Wang Qiang Tennis Gear


WTA Player Profile

Tennis Gear

Height: 5' 7" Racquet: Dunlop FX 500 Tour
Highest Ranking: No. 12 (September 9th 2019) Bag: Dunlop FX Performance
Plays: Right Handed, Two-Handed Backhand Strings: Solinco Hyper-G 16L

Coach: Pat Cash

Apparel: Adidas
Nationality: China Shoes: Adidas

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