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Babolat Counter Veron Padel Racket 2023

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    Experience Dynamic Power with Babolat Counter Veron

    Meet the Babolat Counter Veron, a Babolat Padel Racket crafted specifically for the counter striker who values control and precision. This Babolat Padel Racket is part of ther new generation of rackets, offering a unique blend of dynamic power and superior tolerance. The Babolat Counter Veron is designed to help you take control of the game and return even the most challenging balls.

    Ready to take control of the game? Get the Babolat Counter Veron today and become the counter striker you've always wanted to be!


    • DYNAMIC POWER: The Babolat Counter Veron features our unique CARBON FLEX technology. This allows you to optimize the explosive power of carbon without the stiffness often associated with carbon rackets. The result is dynamic power that enhances your game.
    • TOLERANCE: The Babolat Counter Veron is designed with a new racket shape and a larger sweet spot. This provides superior tolerance, enabling you to return even the most difficult balls and regain control of the game.
    • COMFORT: We believe that padel should be an accessible game for everyone. That's why we've designed the Babolat Counter Veron to reduce the risk of injury. Our new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology, Powered by SMAC, provides optimal vibration absorption. This is achieved through a combination of elastomers integrated into the carbon fibers in the center and handle of the racket, reducing arm discomfort.
    • SMART BUTTCAP: This versatile system allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap, providing a personalized fit.
    • Carbon Flex: A weave of two different materials on the racket surface amplifies their benefits: the explosive power of carbon combined with the easy power of fiberglass creates a flexible surface that brings you dynamic power.
    • 3D SPIN: The raised patterns on the racket surface allow you to hit with more spin, adding another dimension to your game.


    • Player Type: Counter Striker
    • Head Shape: Hybrid
    • Weight: 365g +/-10g
    • Balance: 270 mm
    • Profile/Thickness: 38 mm
    • Composition: Frame: Carbon. Surface: Fiberglass. Core: EVA
    • Cover: No Cover
    Detailed view of the Babolat Counter Veron Padel Racket showcasing its unique Carbon Flex technology.
    Babolat Counter Veron Padel Racket with its 3D Spin feature for enhanced gameplay.
    Babolat Counter Veron Padel Racket profile
    Babolat Counter Veron Padel Racket with wrist cord
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