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Genesis Typhoon String 16L - Silver

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Genesis Typhoon string is a high-performance tennis string that delivers outstanding spin, pinpoint accuracy, and unrivaled tension maintenance. It is made from a proprietary composite formula of high-tech polyester resin combined with new performance-enhancing chemical additives. The string is extruded with a pentagonal profile and then twisted axially for maximum bite and control. Poly ether material and aluminum fibers are added to the string to provide players with the best in feel and power. An extra coating of Teflon increases the liveliness and offers a nice crisp stringbed. The specially formulated additives reduce string movement and provide long lasting tension maintenance.

• Length: 40 ft/12m
• Gauge: 16L/1.26mm
• Color: Battleship Grey
• Construction: Extruded Monofilament Co-Poly
• Advantage: Exquisite combination of power and spin

Genesis Typhoon 16L Tennis String Set - Silver Racquet Point
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