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Luxilon 4G Rough 125 Tennis String

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    Luxilon 4G Rough is a tennis string designed for players who are seeking enhanced spin and control on the court. The string is made from a co-polyester material, which offers excellent durability, feel and power. The rough texture of the string also helps players generate more spin on their shots, making it an ideal choice for players who prefer to hit with topspin or slice.

    The Luxilon 4G Rough string is popular among professional players and amateur players alike. Its rough surface offers increased ball bite, allowing players to create more spin on their shots. This, in turn, allows players to hit the ball with more control, making it easier to keep the ball in play and place their shots with greater accuracy.

    In addition to its spin-enhancing properties, the Luxilon 4G Rough string also offers excellent durability. Its co-polyester construction makes it resistant to string breakage, and it can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, even after extended use. This makes it an excellent choice for players who hit with a lot of power or who play frequently.


    • Made from co-polyester material for durability, feel, and power
    • Rough texture for enhanced spin on shots
    • Popular among professional and amateur players
    • Resistant to string breakage and wear and tear


    • Enhanced spin and control on shots
    • Easier to keep the ball in play and place shots with greater accuracy
    • Excellent durability for players who hit with power or play frequently
    • Suitable for players who prefer to hit with topspin or slice




    Luxilon 4G Rough 125 Tennis String

    • Length: 12.2m / 40ft
    • Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm
    • Material: Poly-Ether-Ether
    • Color: Gold
    Luxilon 4G 125 Rough 16L Tennis String Set Racquet Point
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