Power and Precision

Elevate your game with the Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 300 Tennis Racquet. Engineered for aggressive baseliners, this racquet delivers a powerful blend of control and spin to help you dominate the court

Experience the Difference: ISOFLEX Technology

Tecnifibre's innovative ISOFLEX system adapts to your swing style, providing a unique blend of flexibility and stiffness. Enjoy maximum power and enhanced comfort on every shot.

Tour-Proven Performance

The Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 300 delivers the power, precision, and control demanded by the world's best players. Experience the difference a pro-level racquet can make.

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Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 300 Tennis Racket

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Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 300 featuring its classy White/Royal/Red colors
Close-up of Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 300&
Detail of the Dynacore HD/Graphite construction of Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 300

Discover the Tecnifibre T-Fight 300 Isoflex, the most powerful tennis racket in the range and a top choice for competitive players. This racket ushers in an era of unleashed potential thanks to two groundbreaking TecniLab innovations: RS Section and Isoflex, which together deliver an unparalleled sense of dynamic control.

Experience Enhanced Power and Control with RS Section and Isoflex

"RS Section" is the perfect fusion of classic "square" and "round" frame sections, creating unique 5-facet ergonomics for an optimal balance of power and control. Isoflex technology introduces progressive rigidity across the frame, standardizing the sieve for increased impact tolerance and stability. With a 300g weight for easy handling and racquet head acceleration, the T-Fight 300 Isoflex releases maximum power. Its 630cm² sieve enhances stability and precision while the 16x19 string pattern bolsters spin. Competitors in search of winning shots need look no further than the T-Fight 300 Isoflex.

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