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Tecnifibre Wall Breaker X-Top 360 Padel Racket

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Unleash your game's full potential with our Tecnifibre Wall Breaker X-Top 360 Padel Racket – a blend of relentless power and precision control meticulously crafted for both regular and professional padel players.

Tecnifibre Wall Breaker X-Top 360: A Game-changer on the Padel Court.

Engineered with a unique teardrop shape and a graphite composition, this racket assures uncompromising durability and maneuverability. The racket boasts an innovative 3D Spin Skin for extreme spin and a PHD hole pattern for maximum accuracy, ensuring off-center hits are a thing of the past. With our Tecnifibre Wall Breaker X-Top 360 Padel Racket, power, and precision are literally at your fingertips.

  • Sport: Padel
  • Head size: Teardrop head shape for maximum power and control
  • Beam Width: 38mm profile for improved stability
  • Weight: Lightweight 360g (12.7 oz.) for optimum maneuverability
  • Player Type: Ideal for Intermediate-Advanced level players
  • Colors: Stylish Black/Yellow
  • Composition/Construction: Durable Carbon Frame, Soft EVA 20" Core
  • Frame Technology: Incorporates X-TOP Technology, Spin Skin 3D Surface for maximum spin, PHD Hole Perforation Technology for superior accuracy
  • Misc: Attached wrist strap provides extra control and safety, cover included for protection
Tecnifibre Wall Breaker X-Top 360 Padel Racket in Black/Yellow
Tecnifibre Padel Racket featuring X-TOP Technology
The Ultimate Padel Experience - Tecnifibre Wall Breaker X-Top 360 Racket
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