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Tourna Grip Racquetball and Squash Overgrip

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Tourna Grip Squash and Racquetball Overgrip. Lee Beachill, world squash star, depends on Tourna-Grip when the action heats up. Lee is a three time British Champion and reached world #1 in 2004 and is currently at top 10 player. Lee has won 8 World Tour titles and made 15 World Tour finals in his 11 year career. To quote Lee, ""Tourna-Grip is a product that I have used my entire playing career and am delighted to endorse a product that I use and trust. Tourna-Grip gives me the perfect grip at all times during play, which is essential if you are to play your best"". Many squash and racquetball pros depend on Tourna-Grip.

  • Contents: 3 Overgrips.
  • Color: Blue
  • Includes Finishing tape.
  • Hurry, only 2 items left in stock!
Tourna Grip Racquetball and Squash Overgrip Racquet Point
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