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Tourna Tac Overgrip XL Black- 3 pack

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Tourna Tac Overgrip XL Black- 3 pack. Ideal for cooler weather. Some players prefer a tacky wet grip. TOURNA TAC delivers a tacky feel while absorbing swear to minimize slippage. Imitation grips made in Chine start slipping after brief play. Pros switch to a racquet when grip becomes slippery. A recreational player does not have 4 or more racquets in a bag. Tourna Tac offers the best of both features, a tacky feel and a durable non slip grip.

  • Color: Black.
  • Contents: 3 Overgrips.
  • Includes finishing tape.
  • Hurry, only 3 items left in stock!
Tourna Tac Overgrip XL Black- 3 pack Racquet Point
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