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Tourna Tac XL Overgrip - Blue - 30 Pack

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Say goodbye to slippery racquets and hello to superior control with Tourna Tac Overgrip XL. Designed specifically for cooler weather conditions, this overgrip provides the perfect blend of tackiness and absorbency—making it the ultimate choice for both pros and recreational players.

Why Tourna Tac Overgrip XL?

  • Tailored for Cooler Weather: This overgrip is ideal for conditions where a wet grip might let you down.
  • Tacky Yet Absorbent: Tourna Tac delivers a tacky feel while simultaneously absorbing sweat, ensuring minimal slippage during play.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Unlike imitation grips from China that start to slip after brief usage, Tourna Tac is designed for durability and non-slip performance.
  • Professional and Recreational Use: While pros may switch racquets when their grip slips, recreational players don't usually have that luxury. Tourna Tac provides a reliable grip you can count on.
  • Bulk Pack with Extras: This 30-pack comes in the color blue and includes finishing tape for perfect application every time.

Don't compromise on grip quality. With Tourna Tac Overgrip XL, you get the best of both worlds—a tacky feel and a durable, non-slip grip.

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Tourna Tac XL Overgrip - Blue - 30 Pack
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