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Gearbox GB40 Outdoor Pickleballs - 3 ball pack

by Gearbox
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$ 8.99
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The Gearbox GB40 Outdoor Pickleballs are is built for excellence! The GB40 ball offers superb quality, outstanding durability and excellent visibility. This ball is engineered with a 40 hole pattern giving it a consistent bounce with true flight across any surface and all weather types. Its neon green color pops at night and the bright of day. This ball is designed for outdoor play.The Tourna Pickleballs are made of a very durable plastic with 26 holes. Ideal for indoor play. Indoor balls come with a larger holes and are slightly smaller than the outdoor pickleball.


  • Outdoor Ball
  • 40 Hole Pattern
  • High Visibility
  • True Flight
  • Consistent Bounce
  • Weather Tested
  • Durable
  • Weight: 26g
  • Size: 7.37 mm
  • 3 Pickleballs
  • Color: Neon
  • Not USAPA approved